Alien Frequency emblem

These extra large bandannas feature Scary Paul, with curved Alien Frequency text. Great as headwear, or just hanging on the wall!


Our mascot, "Paul" invades this black, unisex shirt, with curved "Alien Frequency" name, in a cool hightech font!

*BEFORE ordering a shirt, please email Revv your preferred size to and wait for a reply! Thanks!

Featuring bright green "AF" emblem, cool font and of course, Paul! Available in unisex and lady's style. 

*BEFORE ordering, please email Revv your preferred size and style to and wait for a reply! Thanks!


Includes double sided, color graphics on one tag, embossed "Area 51 Alien Frequency detected 2021" on the other. Includes chain and rubber protectors!


Represent your fandom with pride with an Alien Frequency button!


Thin, inexpensive and durable, these full color magnets use alien technowlogy to stick to any ferromagnetic metal surface, without the use of tape, glue or any other adhesives! Amaze your friends! Get yours today!


Pro printed Digipak and CD, professionally produced 7 tracks of mayhem, in glorious drop A tuning and the band's full lineup. This is our debut EP, completely re-done, re-worked and re-recorded!


'Medium' thickness, orange Dunlop guitar pick with "AF" emblem. Parrot not included!